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School Board

This report marks the conclusion of my second year in the role of Chairman.

With my son Izak leaving St Pauls to attend High School next year, it is with a degree of sadness that I pass the baton to another nominee to fulfil the role of Chairman of the School Board. My family and I have felt enriched at the experience of having our child attend St Pauls.

The Board provides an advisory role to assist our Principal and the Leadership team with the various issues that arise throughout the year. We meet monthly, and after an opening prayer usually led by Father Tim Deeter, cover the monthly agenda that requires our consideration. This includes various issues such as fiscal planning and management, capital works allocation, maintenance and enhancement, parish matters, school staffing, P & F liaison, media liaison and IT development. These topics are not exhaustive and often the Board meeting throws up various issues that need attention as and when they arise.

As I set out in last year’s report, my job is quite simple due to the assistance and commitment of some truly wonderful people. The School community is blessed by the continuing efforts of two people who deserve continued special recognition;

  • Malaika Jordan has been outstanding all year. The Board would not function without her.
  • Simon Borck continues to keep an astute eye on the school finances providing detailed reports for our consideration

I’d also like to thank all the remaining Board members for their outstanding efforts and generous allocation of time and resources; Joanna Noonan our dedicated School Principal, Juliet Bruining (P & F representative), Nola McIntyre (Parish Representative), Jesse Yock (Assistant Principal) and our general board members Mac Callisto, Suzanne Woods, Angelina Bowden-Jones, Amanda Garman and Cal Willcox. It has been a pleasure working with you all.

It is often the case that due to our busy lives Board members cannot attend all scheduled meetings. Consequently, it is important to have the varied input of all the elected volunteer members to insure a quorum so that required business can be completed.

Due to the quality of the people mentioned above, I can confidently state that our School is in good hands. Many new challenges lay ahead in 2018, the school enjoys a solid base from which to continue moving forward in excellence.

Luka Margaretic
Board Chair

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