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School Board

After serving on the Board for a number of years as the Parish Representative, this report marks the conclusion of my first year in the role of Chairperson.

The Board is accountable to Catholic Education Western Australia and as stated in the Catholic School Board Constitution:
The general object for which the Board is constituted is to help the Catholic School fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with this Constitution, in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by CEWA, and in accordance with Diocesan guidelines and prescriptions for the religious education program.

It is a legitimate function of the Board to provide an advisory service to our Principal and staff with respect to the formulation and review of School policy and the various issues that arise throughout the year. The Board meets monthly, and after an opening prayer, covers the agenda prepared for our consideration. This includes various issues such as fiscal planning and management, capital works allocation, maintenance and enhancement, parish matters, school staffing, P&F liaison, and IT development. These topics are not exhaustive and often the Board meeting throws up various issues that need attention, as and when they arise.

In my role as Chair, I am ably assisted by a group of committed people who volunteer their time to ensure a positive decision-making process for St Paul’s. Joanna Noonan (Principal) has provided much guidance in my first year as Chair and her advice has been very much respected and valued. Malaika Jordan (Secretary and P&F Representative) has continued to devote many hours into the recording and dissemination of the minutes, keeping all Board members up-to-date with information as it comes to hand, and her efficiency and support is very much appreciated. Special thanks are also extended to Amanda Garman (Treasurer) for stepping into this role at a time when the accounting processes are undergoing change. Under the guidance of the school Finance Officer, Lindy Munnings, Amanda has provided detailed reports on the school finances.

To the remaining Board members, I also extend my thanks for their generous allocation of time and resources; Juliet Bruining, Suzanne Woods, Angelina Bowden-Jones, Cal Willcox and Father Timothy Deeter, who finds time in his busy Parish workload to regularly attend our meetings. Special mention must also be made to Mac Callisto (Assistant Principal) and Jesse Yock (Assistant Principal) who, by their regular attendance, have been another source of support to the Board. To all, your voice in discussions has provided varied and valuable input to the progress of St Paul’s and I thank you sincerely.

Taking on the role of Chair this year has been a positive learning curve, one in which I have felt very much supported by all members. Due to the quality of the people mentioned above, I can confidently state that our School is in good hands as we continue planning for its present and future operation.

As each year brings new challenges, I am confident that St Paul’s Catholic Primary School will continue to grow as an exemplar of Christ in the community.

Nola McIntyre
Board Chair

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